In a sea of people, you attempt to not drown by swimming towards a group of people whom you think reflects the known and unknown part of you, all at once. But sometimes, waves crash against your abundant efforts. Sometimes, you still drown.

You blend and then you mend. However, the mending peels the skin and scratches a wound deeper than the surface. There comes at one point in life that it all becomes bewilderingly meaningless. That when you’re in a verge of acceptance and involvement, all of a sudden, your legs and arms feel numb from all the swimming endeavors. You struggle to move, to breathe. There is nothing but gravity pulling you to the bottom. You pause for a moment and you wonder about how and why you got to be where you are. It seems that everything is in blur, and you tend to forget who you are with as if they’re strangers. At that moment, you become an outcast. You get thrown into seclusion by our own imagination, or maybe by other’s manipulation. Either way, you get trapped in a trance.

In that unconscious state, thief-like, a voice enters from beneath the floor of the ocean.

To those who don’t want to be drowned, just keep swimming and set eyes on the thousand islands of the globe. You’ll find your place.