are you afraid to close your eyes
when demons start emerging
out of the closet, out of the trunks of trees
out of your repressed anger,
out of the silence
you can’t stand
out of their labels, their boxes in circles

are you afraid to finally hear them all
loud and non-stop
in their disruption of your disturbance,
of your own soundless noise,
of your madness
by which you cover the truth, the empty truth
and fill your life with nothings
thinking they are everything

but aren’t we all
too diseased to discard them nothings
to stop and launch into
and from the distance, meet our perishment
aren’t we
too distracted, all but confused
to see
how death yields clarity
how death breathes life
that death shall always be

we are afraid, and yet
in our fear and in our desperation
in the belief of hoarding
in the denials
there lies a natural force
an end, an enveloping
which is the true beginning
dust to dust, ashes to ashes
and know that from there
all is but