You will laugh with the happy breeze.

You will float like pollen grains when the happy breeze passes you by.

You will grow with the vines in your grandmother’s garden.

You will decay, you will humbly return to soil like the grandmother who cared for the garden but died a year later.

You will freeze with the frosted lake during winter season.

You will shelter strangers like the deserted home amidst the snow when the lake freezes, when the winter approaches.

You will crash unapologetically with the ocean waves.

You will endure like rocks when the ocean waves crash unapologetically.

You will vibrate with the bearded guys’s touch of fingers on his guitar strings.

You will succumb to melodies other than yours when the bearded guy starts to sing.

You will gallop away with the tender animals of the wilderness.

You will protect like a father when the animals gallop away, tender as they are.

You will wait for their comeback.

Will you be there?