when independence is not given up, but embraced, shared
where all shades of shadow and light are embraced, shared
how expectations are juggled, balanced, sometimes thrown into the fire and burned into ashes,
but still
dances around the bonfire, barefoot
like a nomad and free
like a gypsy
it is with the songs I listen to
lately, or the full moon that reminds me of
you, or the silence
and the busyness that don’t seem to
go along together
allow feelings of sadness,
of longing, of anxiety, and it takes time
better that I don’t want
to escape this now, since I had the tendency to
do so
nothing but organic
is all I asked for from the
Universe, there was nothing to rehearse
that’s what made it
beautiful, and it can decay
any time,
and it can also grow
as colorful and as wild
and it will surprise us once again
under the full moon
somewhere only we know
there will be nothing to rehearse
you and me will embrace
not really ready, but saying yes to share