Sometimes when silence
When I have nothing else to say
My thoughts
Have all the energy to fill the silence
Of you and me
And us and this distance
Of air
Back when we were flesh to flesh
Now that we are letter to letter

week-34-echo-2-process (3)

Back when I said it’s okay to say
Now I don’t know if we are still
Full of maybes
Maybe is enough for me, maybe
But then our maybes are now under the sea, now above the sky
Where we left already

Back when I remember
We did not need rulers or tapes or converters
Now we imagine
10,000 kilometers
And Universe help us
What is 10,000 really made of?

week-34-echo-2-process (1)

Nudge me in my silence
Crack holes in my body
No fight nor flight
Of this passing misery
Just make me come alive
Along this dark tunnel
Flesh, letter, maybe, quantities fill the silence
Light, I come out
Now I glide from above the sky, then I dive down to the sea
I don’t know what I’ll find, really.