week-37-echo-2-organic (1)

If I could crunch the bones out of you without hurting my teeth
With my eyes closed
If I could grow to be one with you tomorrow
I would
If I could insert my existence in this page, in one white sheet
And disappear
And appear as stories, lengths and depths of them
I would
If I could hop on pink clouds and not care about falling or being left behind
With childlike courage
I would

I couldn’t
No, I wouldn’t
Because I should
Open my eyes
While loving all your 206 bones, your one body, your blood
All the way
Because I should
Go out there
Make sense and write about it and not make sense and still write about it
In finally living, stories unfold
Because I should
Stumble and cry, run and fear, get lost and doubt, and keep going
While enjoying the journey

Light and dark, arrive and depart
Patterns and plainness
All presences, accept
And each day, grow
As life should be.

week-37-echo-2-organic (2)