Sometimes, I mix realities with imaginations. I don’t know where I am when I wake up. It isn’t a dream the moment I open my eyes. Or was it a dream I just forgot? When I saw you, when you saw me, you hummed a song of organic wisdom. You said this is what is real. I don’t know what was or what is. I know you are present when I close, or when I open my eyes, my heart, you are present. You said, be here now. Deep from under the fragrant roots of grasses and thick barks of trees and all sorts of flora manifestations, you gently shifted into my inside and passed a message, feel me from your feet all the way up to the head, with all your heart. You transcended into silence and spoke with undemanding intimacy. I am serenaded with the greatest lesson which is to be, to be with, to be fully here and now. By then, I am truly free.