Anything else
Everything else
Nothing else
It’s totally, organically becoming else
So how do you see it?
Most importantly, how do you feel about it?
Expansive or contracting?
Is there a hesitation?
An underlying denial of the little clues before you?
Of the small things that gather around your vision,
on the salty splashes of warm water on your already hot skin,
on the smooth current that moves us both
in a parallel direction…
Taking in sips and inhales of faith.

How penetrating is your attention?
Would you agree with me when I say that the more peaceful your attention,
the deeper your love is?
Into the spectrum
We go calmer and deeper
and I don’t mind that it’s totally, organically becoming else
We don’t know it yet
As the wind blows, it moves us, it happens
Or I bet it already blew us away
Spiraling like leaves
Moving forward
Sending our souls closer to the magic, to each other
Welcome to our unique Universe, the mutual creation of our one canvas.

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