Love Letters

Be my white blank page. Manifest capacities beyond this mind of mine and journey our stories across. Be my volcano. Erupt all sorts of hot debris, ashes, lava flows, all sorts of emotions and thoughts and actions. Be my wave, or a series of waves. Surge forward and splash downward. But remain as one with the ocean and accept all other waves. Be my headlamp. Provide much needed light in spaces of roughness and darkness. Be my blooming flower. Endow unassuming beauty as I smell you and adore you. Be my cup of coffee. Awaken me from remnants of sleep and boost me to live a purposeful day. Be my mirror. Reflect what is, a face-to-face with truths. Be my boat. Take me wherever you want us to be, just as long as we steer it merrily into motion. Be my Beatles’ Blackbird song. Sing of a discovery of freedom. Be my telescope. Zoom in a sky of heavenly bodies and natural splendor despite the unimaginable distance. Be my basketball team. Play together with the combination of all the players’ strengths and strategies aimed at a passion-filled win. Be my banquet. Celebrate positive abundances of life. Be my set of alphabet letters. Unite with me to form meaningful words and sentences. Be my sunset. Remind me constantly of beginnings and endings, of giving and taking. Be my element in a periodic table. You are whole on your own and cannot be broken down by chemical reactions. Be you, my love.