Love Letters

At times, I refuse to see through humans. I look away and I look around. I conveniently divert to natural environment instead, even man-made pleases too. I turn to the trees which stand tall without pride, the graffiti art which colors walls without greedily asking for attention, the book which holds wisdom beyond bounds and beliefs. I give them my full soul without expecting faces of complications.

I looked around.

You saw right through me. What I thought was hideous, you brought into spotlight for all, but most especially, for me to see. You stunned, angered, amazed (and all other verbs that are illusionary anyway) the child in me. But seeing and being seen shifted in me an acceptance, that it’s all okay, very much okay and lovely.

I surrendered not to look away.

I gave you my full soul and I saw through you.

You saw right through me. I never imagined my transparency but there you are, easing into my being like a reflection. There you are – kinder, mutual, blooming, daring (and all other adjectives that are illusionary anyway). The becoming burns loyally than ever as we see through each other.

week-4-echo-3-love letters