In Time, Freedom

there is something, anything, which takes time.

time to shout and time to shut up.

time to prepare the tomatoes, wash them on the sink, slice into their skins, throw them inside the mouth, and bite. time to bite and chew them slowly.

time to type the words. time to think about the messages you sent.

there is time to stretch your limbs along with your dreams.

time to inhale the pine scents from faraway.

time to mold your decisions in the shape of your longings.

time to paint the picture from your visions. time for the visions to breathe. time to step back.

there is time to eat for breakfast what was left from last night’s confusions.

time to wait. there must be time to sit with it, for such an agonizing long period.

time to not wait.

time to bury your feet into the sand. time to stroll on the beach and try not to bury your whole self.

time to fly to the other side, or just stroll again.

time to carry the baggage. time to unload the baggage.

there is time to feel light, like your inner child. 

time to pick up the fruits that had fallen from the tree. time to eat that fruit you picked up.

time to throw away the seeds. time to let them grow again.

there is time to physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually renew and be new.