When you go places, where exactly do you go? Where do you lead your soul? Or does your soul lead you?

Rush to where the waves swell and crash? Or settle to where the water find peace after its fall? Climb parallel among other heights until the sun render the leaves aglow? Or spread wide and around and collide with other roots?

Tell me, are there expectations for the outcome, a manipulation of the imagination? Or is merely showing up for the real thing and being all there enough?

Does pleasure fill the spaces? Or is it that which need not be filled?

Is it an adventure that accepts all encounters? Or is it a pursuit that voices and defies?

Does the soul meet the body? Does the body meet the soul? Or do they go on in their separate directions?

Searching for more answers? Asking more questions?

Tell me, where does your true element lie?

Do you piece together the fragments you find along the many paths to sense a whole? Or do you shatter the wholeness and feel freedom in the scattered shambles?

That golden on top of the green. No, it’s not golden. It must be silver. Yes, that silver is shining, suspended in the air.