Thank you for the days I was late,
so I can fill the hours
writing poems instead.

Thank you for the dog which bit me;
I have come to the conclusion how wild
the full moon can be.

I look forward to the time
we will see each other again.
Thank you for not taking that expensive train,
so some things
were left unsaid and
unembraced. We were too bad at this.
I couldn’t hold back my tears; I realized I
would be missing you lots and lots.
I found a woman
in the spectrum of longing, and she felt alive.

Thank you for the lost silence and order; I am still able
to slide the curtain of presence.
There I re-claim the mind space
to daydream and play.

Thank you for the birthday that was not
my favorite. I confessed wanting
to return being a five-year old child again.
You funnily said I could be
(only if for that day!)
I wanted to hug you so bad, and melt.

Thank you for warning me
this place and that place is dangerous.
In my stubbornness,
I still flew to the foreign.
It turned out dangerous is a myth, just like fear.
From then on, I turned out wiser
(but still a little bit stubborn).

I have grown to be the woman I am now.
Know that your love
has always been with me.
Thank you even if you left the planet Earth early.

Thank you for not granting
an imagined future.
It led me to write this,
to say
thank you.

Thank you for the thickening dust on my drawers;
I am reminded I am,
at times, lazy
and not perfect.
It’s true what they say, how there is always a space
to be better,
if not the best.