Were you kind? Did you pay attention? Were you burning with your passions? Did you shout to the stranger when he squeezed himself in on the subway? Did you avoid eye contact? Was your phone stuck to your hands? Have you disregarded to say thanks? Did you listen, like listen listen? Has your ego possessed you? Have you destroyed others, destroyed yourself with your anger? Have your parents seen you smile instead of frown at the dining table? Have you lost a friend to an unmet expectation? Did you stop learning? Were you always worrying and playing the victim? Did you recognize the breeze when it longed to play with your hair? Did you pass that exam and make your mama proud? Have you sat down with your shadows? Did you take steps to reach the destination of your dreams? Did you take the call? Or were you shy and fearful instead? Did you give up? Or have you given it your all?

Thank you, you have given it your all.