Its tranquility creeps up on me like a thief. Like a river, flowing effortlessly and endlessly. The night, quiet and cold as it is, steals a spark of my attention. Genius really, its blanket of darkness sucks in every beam of artificial light. The pool of blackness is all that I have left and in this very corner, I intend to be passionately selfish with it. For in the midst of this blackout, I am cradled like a baby. Darkness can be a sweet company, it elates you with joy, generously serving your heart and mind a warm cup of free-flowing lullabies. I’ve heard it too many times before but in that precise moment of nothing but shadows, I’ve listened to it as if for the first time. Suddenly, it makes sense. A moment of clarity, despite how fleeting it is.

Nights like these are pure and transparent. Silence becomes an old friend. And it grants its respect for music alone to reign.

I breathe in a lungful of the night. And in this dark place, a soul is happy.