It was a sweet but brief moment of friendship. We have spoken with each other for a few hours and it was as if we discussed nothing important, nothing intimate. I don’t know what it was, but maybe distance and absence were the culprits to condemn. What I know is that I truly missed my friend and the chances we could have laughed together if time and space could have allowed us.

We were sitting and a gap of a few meters was the only inhibition. If I was strong enough, I could have said something non-sense just to start the conversation. But the silence ate me up again. The silence ate up my sentiments which could have expressed my words of yearning. Maybe distance wasn’t the one to blame in the first place. Maybe we drowned being too wistful and just missed each other too much, we were overwhelmed by the sudden encounter. Or maybe I was the only one longing for. There goes the one-sided scene yet again.

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