Fall in love for five more minutes…
Do you smell smoke?
Your flesh burns a little,
Sit with the pain,
Stay, fall in love
A few minutes more
Endure the madness in the air, stay
Until our toes confront the distance
Until it breaks me open, aches my everything,
As you look me in the eyes, please
Ten minutes on the clock
We can still do it
Don’t let go, don’t let it slip
Then twenty more
How about half an hour?
The windows of your soul cry tears of blood
But keep going
Your body shakes
Fight the flight, fight for us (or nevermind)
Fight for this moment
I kneel, beg, for my shadow to meet yours
Don’t wait until sunrise,
I’ll be less alive by then
Linger, burn with you if I must,
Part ways in sixty minutes
In this world where it has long been too much,
Is that too much to ask?

In the morning, there is a hollow on my bed
As it carried the unusual weight
Of an ungranted yesterday
Let me make a cup of coffee first,
Then let me untie
Every knot
I’ve tangled at midnight
For both our sake,
To forget what never happened,
But God knows that would take
More than the number of hours on the clock
For it is not the pain that causes suffering,
But in the remembering.
Sixteen sunrises have passed
Even in the rainy afternoons, I’ve untied
Our toes had not confronted the distance
You never said, “This is the end.”
Our eyes hadn’t met, nor bled
The truth, tell me,
The clock is ticking,
Should I finish untying?