Understand (unsolicited) advice. Understand anger and other forms of violence. Understand assembling (and disassembling too). Understand attention. Understand beasts and breasts. Understand blame game. Understand blues and other colors. Understand boundaries and buttons. Understand child, childishness, childlikeness. (mis)Understand cultures. Understand darkness of the inner landscape. Understand drops of Vitamin D for six years. Understand doors closed. Understand dresses colored pink for girls and colored blue for boys. Why? Understand Dutch. Understand -18C. Understand engorged and exaggerations. Understand fats. Understand fidget, fret, frustrate and fuss. Understand freedom. Understand gain and gender. Understand giving in and giving up. Understand Google search and growth spurt. Understand Haakaa. Understand hallucinations, heartbeats and hiccups. Understand hormones and hypocrisy. Understand ignorance and impatience. Understand iron. Understand jaws and justice. Understand Kegels. Understand kicks and kinks. Understand letdown. Understand licking and lying. Understand massage, midwives, moods and moringa. Understand movement. Understand naps, nipples, Nutrilon. Understand oceans. Understand opposites. Understand perineal tears and personal spaces. Understand pelvic floor, plantains, poop and pram. Understand priorities and protein. Understand q-tips. Understand resistance, repetition, revelation. Understand sigh and sleep. Understand sofa, soy, stash, sterizilation. Understand spit-ups and seedy stools. Understand Takeaway. Understand third space. Understand tickle, timer, towels. Understand (mis)understanding and updates (or lack thereof). Understand urgency. Understand vaccinations. Understand veggies, the green leafy ones especially. Understand wean and women. Understand walks in the park and warm baths. Understand waste. Understand yawn and yoga. Understand zinc and zodiac.

-inspired by Katie Manning’s What to Expect