Bright, blue adventures
in waves and skies.
Leave behind our own shadows,
as we run and play and flirt on sunlit highs.
Roaring, solid, multi –
the loud energy
you beckon me to be.

Can you be the reflection upon
the glass from the sun? Still.

Shimmering, black nights
on warm sands and around warm arms.
Sneak away from the outer visible,
as we sink deeper into insides of another.
Tranquil, soft, single –
the calm pulse
you caress underneath.

Can you be the movement
behind the curtains? Waving.

Between segmented sincerities,
which one
are you? Afraid of
you do you think you feel,
you do you think you feel.
Which skin do
I disappear into? Who
shall I dance my light with?
I paint on whose palette?

What I am seeing
is what I want to see,