Because I need to write this down
Rush with my feelings as they flow
Swallow them all
Inside this system too small
Love the size and depth of the Universe
Big, beautiful things
One after another

I need to write this down: You are a part of this.

Let me tell you something
I knew all humans have stories
But there’s an event that transpired recently
Which confirmed what I knew
Now I understand it
People do have stories, in fact they are made of it
In fact, so many
And so deep, sometimes they cut the flesh
Blend with the color of blood, come out as tears
And stars
For each story, now I understand
All of us can love all

I’m not sure if I ever listened to yours
Because on the island, I only heard echoes of laughter
Maybe we’d forgotten
Blinded by the sun, the sarcasm, the fun
Maybe at that time we need not to
For you are already
The many stories yourself
But that’s just the beginning
And I would still love to know, really
In the now, in the flesh
Perhaps when we see each other again?
In another continent
Can you wait for the hug?
It is sooner than you think
It will be wilder (wholesome kind of wild) than you imagine
And when that time comes
Please be serious (not a serious snake) for once

Though I love you and I never doubted your sincerity

You see I wrote you a poem
Highly better than yours
Even more, I’ll cross oceans to be your best man
When you speak your vows to a lovely woman
Though for you
I can be a pseudo-wife too
Come to think of it, this can be my vow
We can wear the same shirts on our wedding
We’ll explode
We’ll show them love
The size and depth of the Universe
Not at all relativity, but absoluteness.