Capacities: The First Workshop

June 9, 2018

They say, “Think outside the box.” What if you can do more? Jump to all four corners of the box, enter inside and observe, step outside and observe again. What do you see? What if you can doodle all over the box, or unfold it? Perhaps create one more box, another shape, from another medium. In fact, what if you can create as many (or as minimal), as diverse as you prefer?

In this back-to-back workshop with The Echoes, discover alternative ways of photography and writing.

Approach photos and words beyond technicalities and practice courageous perspectives instead. Together, we will embody creativity in the unique, ever-evolving ways we know how and enlargen our creative capacities. Art is never meant to bound us anyway. It is born to expand.

Re-imagine writing and photography, in fact any form of creativity, as a healing source, a journey to empowerment, and a means to re-invent your identities and purpose. You only have to know you have the #CAPACITIES.

The Echoes on Capacities