I learned firsthand that cultures from home and cultures away from home don’t necessary clash. Both exist. Heaps of differences, but definitely can and must coexist. I learned that striking up a conversation is one of the most important and satisfying gestures when traveling. In fact, good ones go a long way even after they’ve ended. I learned that every minute ticking and every step taken must always be dedicated to exploration. No time and space is wasted in learning. I learned to embrace the reality of the planned and the unplanned, especially the thrill that comes with it. I learned more to enjoy and appreciate moments as they are. I learned a great deal of attachment. There’s the art of vulnerability, there’s also the art of letting go. I learned that for each story we share, there are lines, there are curves, and other kinds of details. They’re present but we don’t see all of its presence. It could be the one telling or the one listening who will make you aware of the wholeness of the story. And even after we tell and listen, we’re left staggering with more wonder than ever. I learned that revelations of self and the people I’m with tend to peel themselves off naturally along the journey, making this phenomenon one of the best parts of traveling. I learned that possibilities are beyond bounds and beliefs. I learned why people pack their bags and depart with their personal essences of travel. They explore. They go back home and carry with them more than their heavy backpacks.

Some things sensed some sorts of clarity. Doubts and fears slowly stepped out of the circle. They fight for some space at times but they struggle hard because the courage for happiness has definitely been fighting harder, stronger than ever.