Broken, undone, sniffed, shut down, disintegrated, shredded, brought down, shamed in the crowd, disregarded, left, centered, lied to, laid down, shifted weirdly, twisted into a guest not welcome, turned paranoid, displaced, melancholic, fragmented, all that was —

And despite all that, here is the beginning.

What do I have to do? What do I have to do?


Pour energy into freedom, and free, be free with me. As we loosen our grip, as we open our earthy fingers, interlace them slowly, touching with each other, with the invisible air, but not really touching, and then jump into freedom, and gravitate not to the ground, but towards our connection with all the elements of existence and non-existence, in, on, among, on top, with, around, with, amidst the air, still gliding in the air, can you feel it, we never stop here, we tumble in the air like children, as we always are, like pollen grains, no resistance, no regrets, into the open freshness and aliveness, it feels so good, and this is what I have to do, to become – all that is.