She subscribed to the
exploration of her soul.
From now on…
but she’s afraid.
Balls of sharp fear keep bouncing
back and forth,
keep thumping loud and soft.
Too many, too little.
She wants to be as open as possible.
A few times she shrinks,
spontaneously she delivers.
Unconsciously, she becomes one
with her desires, with her nature.

So she stopped.
She stopped rushing with
her head of a mighty river.
She has been repeatedly
consumed, washed over.
She was molded smoothly in
the process.

She was naked. She was
slender, she was ready.
She committed to the
exploration of her soul.
She did the things she loved
they shine brightly when the sun
shared its single ray. Oh how golden it is.

week-15-echo-3-beginnings (2)