My mind is restless, but my heart is calm. The answers are finally here. I’m not sure if I like them, but I don’t hate them. I’m afraid I will not like them. There’s a distinct, twisted pain inside that I can’t name but I can feel, not absolute, just tingling like bells, or something like frothing on the sides while the pot is boiling. A taking away and an offering at the same time. I know that dream was not taken away from me. Is that meant for me? Am I right in pursuing? But there is no right or wrong. What your heart believes to be true in you, to be the light, you follow it even when no one is behind. And then these offerings of realities – nature, dreams again, people, chances, cosmos, feelings of oneness and home – come knocking one by one and they all seem connected, mutually echoing to create a reality of its own wonder, a dream more magical than what you had dreamed. Grapes, enjoying the grapes, or something like that. Yes, you are a dreamer. A taking away and an offering at the same time. My heart is calm.