Your face appeared in the dark
And searched for mine
The whole of me pulsed
You sat beside my body
I said, “Do you want us to talk?”
You wanted to do something else
We were tired, I know
You started to wake my lips from its longest sleep
You started breathing into me
And it felt a bit like two pieces of a puzzle
Which clicked
Which went on becoming one
You carressed layers of me
You reached with your hands
And while you shared some kind of pleasure, some kind of pain
We moved in synchronicity
Your beard tickled my neck
So you found home on my lips instead
And as we talked, I felt like you left your taste on my mouth
You said I am beautiful
You kissed me again
You went outside and smoked your 20th cigarette
You called for my name
And showed me the crescent moon
And I need not ask questions for answers that may already be molding in between those movements
This time it’s okay to say maybe
Possibilities are all we need anyway