“The world is a mountain
Whatever you say, good or bad, it will echo it back to you
Don’t say I sang nicely and mountain echoed an ugly voice…
That is not possible
The human intellect is a place where hesitation and uncertainty take root
There is no way to overcome this hesitation…except by falling in love

To reach the sea and be happy with a jug water is a waste
The sea that has pearls…
And a hundred thousand other precious things.”
-Rumi, On the World

Nowadays, communication has become so much easier and faster because of rapid growing in technology that sometimes, interaction tends to remain on the surface.

But what is the point of a relationship if we stick and limit to the easy and the fast? Don’t we want to be a little more connected and feel a bit more deeply?

Why not expand your ways to communicate?

We invite you to engage in mediums more interactive and more creative. Trace the depths of your day-to-day dealings of inner thoughts and feelings. And as you do, feel yourself touching all the elements of moments, people, places – the greater scope that is the Universe.

This is what THE ECHOES is about.

Words are more than words, and photos are not merely photos.

So, how does THE ECHOES work?

One person decides a “thought-of-the-week” or a “feeling-of-the-week”, creates an artwork a.k.a. ECHO and sends this to another. Upon receiving, the person responds to the ECHO by creating another ECHO. This is when words meet photos, photos meet words.

Who are the creators?

A certain calling for their own craft began with Trisha’s first exposure to a film camera during camping when she was just 12 years old and Lovey’s first memory of a written essay about the environment commended by her 5th grade English teacher. They first met in the university in 2008. Fast-forward to 2015, they collaborated to create this space stirred by a mutual love for arts.

Trisha considers capturing photos as her outlet. If she feels a connection to a moment or a destination, then that can be her subject, and this makes her style also flexible. Photography teaches her to listen through her eyes.

For more of photography by Trisha, visit her personal Flickr account.

Lovey is amused by the way writing sculpts a connection to and among things all by itself. Aside from scribbling short prose & poems in a notebook, she also engages in travel writing with inspirational touches in a blog called Art of Movement.

For more of writings by Lovey, visit her personal travel blog.

But where and how did it really begin?

Trisha and Lovey thrive on connection with the Universe. When everything feels aligned, when something goes wrong, they believe that the Universe provides, always.

When distance once meant buildings merely divided by earthquake-resistant, concrete walls and a few steps away, they meet for lunch and talk about small and big things – about hiking mountains and double-exposure images, about film photography and travel blogs, about strangers and potential lovers, friends and family, about how Caramel macchiato tasted so good whether hot or iced, about hesitations, about main work and a sideline of passion projects, art and creating art and inspirations and inspiring people, about Buddhism, about JR’s installation art and Humans of New York, about dreams, about culture and psychology, about distant places and the call of their alluring message, about sadness and frustrations, about stumbling upon a Brain Pickings article on two friends who launched a joint project featuring a photo of each of their mornings while living 3191 miles apart, about interweaving their crafts, sharing something so organic embedded in their existence, about doing it, damn it, just do it, about jumping on the edge of life – everything beautiful – they sip coffee (for Lovey mostly) or tea or milk (for Trisha only), and their mouths will be quivering voices uttering amazement for life.

At times, they go on walks by the wide, white shore of one of the most beautiful islands in the world on a stormy weather or along the streets of the oldest Chinatown in the world on a sunny weather, take photos, ponder.

They often laugh about life’s seriousness, but sometimes they get carried away and ruminate insanely about it. They arrive at a dead-end of no conclusions and ask at the end of the day, “Who are we to say what is and what isn’t?”

When continents and oceans separate the two souls, in pursuit of studying and/or traveling abroad, they send postcards to each other. They catch up by sending “letters”, habitually and playfully inserting banana and eggplant emojis for giggles and encouragement purposes, through e-mail composed of stories, musings, art, but mostly of feelings…

this is a freestyle artfloor. we dance with the music in us – in the present tense – but who knows it may take us forever to understand – so we grace, grace the world with our attention – for we believe attention springs harmony – and inhale deeply as if it’s oxygen – the one thing that might save us today, for we don’t really know if tomorrow arrives – and so we weep, we laugh, we fear, we love – capture and create what we weep, we laugh, we fear, we love in words and photos – the echoes

-Lovey and Trisha

In the future, they dream of turning THE ECHOES passion project into a book. Meanwhile, check out their exhibits in 2017 and in 2019 at Local Edition Coffee & Tea as well as their Capacities workshop (2018) in collaboration with The Paper Project PH and Caring Cup by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines.

Send the love our way as we send the Echoes full of soul your way.