Reflection. Have I forgotten to be thankful? It might be that words have left me, but never the feeling of gratitude. And it intensifies even more in this terrace of silence, near the time when I saw and hugged you and we smoked and hugged that it was indefinitely a dream come true, precisely the place where the three of us closest of friends, all the way back in our island years, were talking of troubles and all things youthful and unsure, above that dimension of time and space, about two years ago, which seem miles and decades ago, that dimension when we are nothing but our purest, laughing and loving one another without uttering the words but feeling within and pulsating in our smiles. I am thankful for the spectrum I am experiencing in this moment.

I am thankful for that deep echo I listened to with all my heart while I was passing through one of the most-walked pathways in my beloved university and second home. It was the end of a semester, a late afternoon. That day, there were no other people walking, the sound traveled in my whole and reflected something I never saw with the eyes but I know is present.

I am thankful for all the natural ways it waves and splashes in those moments of inexplicable bliss. I am thankful that our strokes rise into the reality of our wild and wonderful dreams, occurring day and night, the deepest of them have always been the invisible weave work of the Universe.

I’ll never forget for the Universe always reflects, as I am feeling here and now, what is truly aligned.